2019-12-18;10:00;(Wednesday) Gregory C. DE ANGELIS, Ph.D. Neural mechanisms for perceiving object motion during self-motion

Professor, University of Rochester, USA

2019-12-16;16:00;(Monday) Amir SHMUEL, Ph.D. Mechanisms, modeling and analysis of resting-state functional connectivity
Associate Professor, McGill University, Canada
2019-12-16;10:30;(Monday) Seong-Gi KIM, Ph.D. Dissecting neural network with fMRI

Professor, Sungkyunkwan University, Korea

Host PI: Zhi-Feng LIANG, Ph.D.
2019-11-21;15:00;(Thursday) Ci-Rong LIU, Ph.D. Mapping Marmoset Brains by Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Research Assistant Professor, University of Pittsburg, USA
Host PI: Mu-Ming POO, Ph.D.
2019-11-13;16:00;(Wednesday) Zhao-Ping LI, Ph.D. A new framework for understanding vision from the perspective of the primary visual cortex
Professor, Max Planck Institute for Biological Cybernetics, Germany
Host PI: Mu-Ming POO, Ph.D.
2019-10-18;10:00;(Friday) Antoine ADAMANTIDIS, Ph.D. Neural circuits underlying sleep structure and functions
Director, Associate Professor
Host PI: Min XU, Ph.D.
2019-10-08;16:00;(Tuesday) Pierre PAOLETTI, Ph.D. NMDA receptors: allosteric machines in neurotransmission and brain function
Director, Ecole Normale Supérieure - Université, France
Host PI: Shu-Jia ZHU
2019-09-25;16:00;(Wednesday) Gary David HOUSLEY, Ph.D. Neurohumoral control of hearing.
Professor, UNSW Sydney, Australia
Host PI:Zhi-Yong LIU
2019-09-25;15:00;(Wednesday) Karen B. AVRAHAM, Ph.D. Genetics and Epigenetics of the Inner Ear: Implications for Hearing and Deafness
Professor, Vice Dean, Tel Aviv University, Israel
Host PI: Zhi-Yong LIU
2019-09-24;16:00;(Tuesday) Robert FOREMKE, Ph.D. Oxytocin, synaptic plasticity, and maternal behavior
Associate Professor, New York University, USA
Host PI: Cheng-Yu LI
2019-09-23;16:00;(Monday) Suzanne N. HABER, Ph.D. Linking circuits to psychiatric disease and neurotherapeutic targets: From primate anatomy to human neuroimaging
Professor, University of Rochester Medical Center, USA
Host PI: Zheng WANG
2019-09-16;10:00;(Monday) Wei-Zhe HONG, Ph.D. Understanding the scoail brain
Assistant Professor, University of California, USA
Host PI: Zi-Long QIU
2019-09-02;10:30;(Monday) John GORE, Ph.D. Functional MRI of White Matter
Professor, Vanderbilt University, USA
Host PI: Zheng WANG
2019-08-27;16:00;(Tuesday) Rava Azeredo da Silveira, Ph.D. Coding with correlated neurons
Professor, Ecole Normale Supérieure, France
Host PI: Mu-Ming POO
2019-08-27;15:00;(Tuesday) Alain PROCHIANTZ, Ph.D. Non-cell autonomous OTX2 homeoprotein transcription factors regulates brain physiology
Professor, College de France, France
Host PI: Mu-Ming POO
2019-08-26;16:00;(Monday) 陶虎 微纳神经传感技术
Host PI: Zheng WANG
2019-08-20;16:00;(Tuesday) 刘静宇 神经系统孟德尔遗传病致病机制及防治药物研发
Host PI: Mu-Ming POO
2019-08-20;15:00;(Tuesday) 黄莹 Beyond sensory processing in sensory cortex: Primate auditory cortex in goal-directed behavior
Leibniz Institute for Neurobiology, Germany
Host PI: Mu-Ming POO
2019-07-04;16:00;(Thursday) Carlos BRODY, Ph.D. Neural mechanisms underlying cognition in rats
Professor, Princeton University, USA
Host PI: Ninglong XU
2019-06-18;16:00;(Tuesday) Longhou FANG, Ph.D. AIBP-mediated cholesterol metabolism regulates endothelium and neuron function.
Associate Professor, Cornell University
Host PI: Jie HE
2019-06-06;16:00;(Thursday) Mikhail G. SHAPIRO, Ph.D. Talking to Cells: Biomolecular Engineering for Non-Invasive Imaging and Control of Cellular Function
Professor, Investigator, California Institute of Technology, USA
Host PI: Cheng-Yu LI
2019-05-20;16:00;(Monday) Mark Prescott, Ph.D. The 3Rs in neuroscience research: supporting better science, translation and animal welfare.
Director of Policy and Outreach, UK N3CRs
Host PI: Dr. Ian Andolina
2019-05-14;16:00;(Tuesday) Rodrigo Quian Quiroga, Ph.D. Memory formation and long-term coding in the human hippocampus.
Research Chair & Director of the Centre for Systems Neuroscience University of Leicester
Host PI: Le Chang
2019-05-13;16:00;(Monday) Virginie van Wassenhove, Ph.D. Making sense of time in the Human mind/brain.
Research Director CEA, DRF/Joliot, NeuroSpin
Host PI: Li-Ping Wang
2019-05-08;14:30;(Wednesday) Zhe Zhang, Ph.D. Dissecting the Neural Circuits Underlying Sleep.
Postdoctoral Fellow, University of California, Berkeley, Howard Hughes Medical Institute
Host PI: Mu-Ming Poo
2019-04-29;10:00;(Monday) Qinghua Liu, Ph.D. Molecular substrates of homeostatic sleep need.
Investigator, National Institute of Biological Sciences, Tsinghua Institute of Multidisciplinary Biomedical Research, Tsinghua University, China
Host PI: Min Xu
2019-04-29;16:00;(Monday) Erik D. Herzog, Ph.D. Circadian networks in the brain: Overlapping maps and functions to schedule our day.
Professor, Department of Biology, Washington University, USA
Host PI: Jun Yan
2019-04-22;16:00;(Monday) Ulrich Schridde, Ph.D. Publishing with Cell Press: Turning exciting research into High-Impact publications.
Senior Editor, Cell Press Journal Neuron, USA
Host PI: Ning-Long Xu
2019-04-15;10:30;(Monday) Jeffrey Magee, Ph.D. Mechanisms of experience-dependent hippocampal representations.
Professor, Baylor College of Medicine
Host PI: Mu-Ming Poo
2019-04-15;9:30;(Monday) Ole Paulsen, Ph.D. Synaptic learning rules in the cortex: From spike timing-dependent to network state-dependent plasticity.
Professor, University of Cambridge
Host PI: Mu-Ming Poo
2019-04-12;16:00;(Friday) Sebastian Haesler, Ph.D. Neural circuits for perceptual curiosity.
Director, NERF
Host PI: Zi-Long Qiu
2019-04-12;15:00;(Friday) Joris de Wit, Ph.D. Cell-surface interactions patterning the synaptic network.
Group Leader, VIB Research Center of Brain Disease
Host PI: Zi-Long Qiu
2019-04-02;16:00;(Tuesday) Long-Jun Wu, Ph.D. Neuroimmune interaction in health and disease.
Associate Professor, Department of Neurology, Mayo College of Medicine, Mayo Clinic
Host PI: Xiang Yu
2019-03-29;16:00;(Friday) Edmund M. Talley, Ph.D. The U.S. BRAIN Initiative after five years – where are we now and where are we going?
Program Director, National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS), USA
Host PI: Mu-Ming Poo
2019-03-28;16:00;(Thursday) Michael Long, Ph.D. Neural mechanisms of social communication.
Associate Professor, New York University School of Medicine, USA
Host PI: Ning-long Xu
2019-03-26;16:00;(Tuesday) Haining Zhong, Ph.D. Imaging neuromodulatory signaling in space and time.
Scientist, Vollum Institute, Oregon Health & Science University, USA
Host PI: Xiang Yu
2019-03-21;16:00;(Thursday) David Prober, Ph.D. Evolutionarily Conserved Mechanisms That Regulate Sleep.
Professor, California Institute of Technology, USA
Host PI: Jiu-lin Du
2019-03-18;16:00;(Monday) Weimin Zhong, Ph.D. Counting Number and Time by Mammalian Stem Cells.
Associate Professor, Department of Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology, Yale University
Host PI: Muming Poo
2019-02-27;16:00;(Wednesday) 胡志安 教授 脑觉醒系统及功能.
Host PI: Min Xu
2019-01-19;15:00;(Saturday) Henry Evrard, Ph.D. Body-mind interface in the primate cortex.
Group leader, Max Planck Institute for Biological Cybernetics, Germany.
Host PI: Muming Poo
2019-01-04;16:00;(Friday) Pieter Roelfsema, Ph.D. Feedforward and feedback interactions for visual perception and awareness.
Director of the Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience, Netherlands
Host PI: Chengyu Li