Lab manager position in the lab of Dr. Angelovski

发布时间:2020-04-29 17:38:36

  The Center for Excellence in Brain Science and Intelligence Technology (CEBSIT, formerly known as the Institute of Neuroscience (ION)is a cross-disciplinary, multi-institutional organization that aims to consolidate existing research strength of CAS laboratories via the formation of collaborative research teams. These teams will address major frontier questions in brain science as well as in intelligence technology that involves brain-inspired computing methods and devices. 


  Now a lab manager position is open in the Laboratory of Molecular and Cellular Neuroimaging, led by Dr. Goran Angelovski. His research is focused on studying the brain function through establishment of a novel neuroimaging technique that employs bioresponsive MRI contrast agents. To this end, the lab uses various chemical, biochemical and biological approaches in developing methods to visualize biological processes in brain in functional manner.  


  Position Description: 

  1. The candidate will be responsible for all aspects of laboratory management, including lab personnel management and training, equipment and reagent purchasing and maintenance and travel arrangement for lab personnel. 

  2. The candidate will be responsible for the management of all lab resources in order to ensure a highly efficient lab operation. 

  3. The candidate will be responsible for handling any other lab-related matters that PI sees appropriate, including accommodating visiting scientists and students, coordinating with other labs for equipment usage and sharing, etc. 



  1.A bachelor’s degree (or higher) in chemistry, biology or a related field is required. 

  2. Excellent speaking, reading and writing skills in both Chinese and English. 

  3. Good communication and interpersonal skills are required. 

  4.Proficiency in using basic computer programs including office software. 

  5.Able to work independently and efficiently, with good work ethics and team work spirit. 

  6.Previous experience in a lab managerial position is preferable but not required. 


  To Apply: 

  Please send your CV to Position will remain open until filled.