IBRO-ICPBR Summer School of Primate Neurobiology

IBRO-ICPBR Summer School of Primate Neurobiology

Institute of Neuroscience
Center for Excellence in Brain Science and Intelligence Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences
320 Yue Yang Road, Shanghai 200031, China

2022 IBRO-ICPBR Online Summer School

Dear applicants,  


Thank you for your interest in the 2. IBRO-ICPBR School of Primate Neurobiology.  

We will be planning for the IBRO/ICPBR School in an ONLINE format this year, because of the current situation of COVID-19 pandemic. In brief, we will have a two weeks-long lectures and tutorials in a hybrid format, combining the live and prerecorded sessions.  

More detailed programs will be announced in a few weeks. Please check our website for updated information.  


Sincerely yours,  

Organizing Committee for the IBRO/ICPBR School on Primate Neurobiology  


Introduction of IBRO-ICPBR School   

IBRO-ICPBR School of Primate Neurobiology will be held in the International Center for Primate Brain Research (ICPBR) affiliated with Center for Excellence in Brain Science and Intelligence Technology (CEBSIT) / Institute of Neuroscience (ION), Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shanghai, and jointly sponsored by IBRO and ICPBR. The goal of this school is to provide introductory lectures to international young investigators (mainly graduate students and post-doctoral fellows) on recent advances in the science and technology related to non-human primate research, with relevance to the understanding of human brain functions and disorders.  

The School consist of two parts: Lectures and Tutorials (12 days). The lectures will be given by distinguished researchers in the field of primate neurobiology, with full participation of students in the tutorials provided by faculty and teaching assistants. For lectures and tutorials, 50 students will be selected from the applicants.  

The School applicants should not be CEBSIT / ION members. We encourage CEBSIT / ION members to attend the lectures. 

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